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A Fight against the tights and chafing (#Tightsmustfall)

It is common knowledge that all human beings experience chafing over their lifetime.

Chafing refers to the irritation of skin caused by repetitive friction, usually generated through skin to skin contact of multiple body parts (Wikipedia).

It has been scientifically proven that 1 in every 5 people experience chafing. Most people are not informed that chafing can be prevented.

The common causes of chafing are:

Sweating (Exercise)

Are you a gym lover? Or do you pull of a 10km run every morning before going to work or school?

When you engage in vigorous activity chances of chafing are increased due to increased friction when you sweat, the moist skin is more prone to damage.

Salt crystals form when sweat evaporates, adding grit that can cause more friction and chafing.

A chafed area becomes painful, As the skin becomes soft and tender it becomes damaged causing pain and discomfort.

The type of clothes you wear

Certain clothes provide a thin film or layer that allows your body parts to consistently rub against each other. Examples include thin leggings, trousers, skirts and shorts. Hours or periods in such clothing can result in chafing. Clothing chafing also extends to the cuts you experience when wearing a bra, prone to women with larger breasts. Possible solution to this is wearing thick breathable clothing or changing clothes on regular intervals. But why limit your fashion style when the solution to your problem is at your fingertips?

Exposure to heat and humidity

Heat and humidity are anyone’s worst enemy when it comes to chaffing. This is a common problem during the hot summers and more humid months of the year. When this happens, the skin gets irritated because of constant friction. The constant accumulation of sweat fuels this effect.

How to solve it

Possible solutions to prevent chafing include using baby powder, petroleum jelly or wearing wick free clothing or the all-time favourite tights under dresses. These solutions have a number of limitations, they require constant reapplication, limit your sense of freedom and fashion.

At Lushka, we believe that when it comes to preventing chafing, you need more than the traditional methods. This is why we created Lushka’s Anti Chafe (purchase details below)

Our cream creates a semi-permeable membrane on your skin to protect it from chafing and blistering. It’s specially formulated ingredients prevent your skin from rubbing against each other, therefore reducing the risk of chafe-causing friction. It’s non-greasy, easy to apply, and lasts for hours.

It has been tested under the harshest of conditions: trialled by ultra-marathon runners during the comrades marathon, used during the Limpopo summers, used in the humid conditions of Dar es Salaam and Durban. Simply put, wearing tights under you dress is a thing of the past!

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3 thoughts on “A Fight against the tights and chafing (#Tightsmustfall)

    Please send me more information about the product and how does one order

      Hello Asanda,

      The cream is applied on affected areas as and when you need it. For best results we recommend applyIng it just after bathing or before undertaking a chafing inducing activity. It lasts the whole day and acts as a barrier against friction. That means no pain at all.

      We sell it for R250. You can order online, via mail (admin@lushka.co.za). Or drop us a text on 083 503 8662.

      We courier country wide. If you need it urgently and you are in Johannesburg and surrounding areas we can work something out.


    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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