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Make shower seggs more comfy

Lushka’s 5 tips to good shower Seggs

1. Be Safe: The combination of water and soap can make the shower floor or bathtub slippery, so be sure to take safety precautions. Use a non-slip bath mat and hold onto something sturdy for balance. And please, make keep the soap away from the vagina – we don’t like upsetting the yoni’s P.H balance.

2. Use Lube: Water can wash away natural lubrication, making penetration uncomfortable. Use Lushka’s JOI, a silicone lubricant enhance sensation and make sex more comfortable. JOI is ideal because it is a silicone based lubricant which means that it doesn’t wash off as easily as your natural moisture or as water-based lubricant – ensuring guaranteed enjoyment.

3. Experiment with Positions: Shower sex can be challenging due to the limited space and slippery surfaces. Try experimenting with different positions like standing facing each other, one partner sitting on the edge of the tub or sitting on the floor.

4. Play with Temperature: The sensation of warm water on your skin can be incredibly sensual, try adjusting the temperature to create different sensations and levels of intimacy but please, don’t burn.

5. Keep It Simple: Remember, shower sex can be challenging, so keep it simple. Focus on touching, kissing, and exploring each other’s bodies rather than complicated positions.

In conclusion, shower sex can be a fun and exciting way to explore your sexual desires, but it’s important to take safety precautions, use JOI SILICONE LUBE, experiment with positions, play with temperature and keep it simple. As with any sexual activity, communication and consent are essential for a satisfying experience. Don’t forget to lock the door.


JOI silicone lube is available in 50ml at R158

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